Pro-Russian occupation authorities are calling on all civilians to leave the city of Kherson “immediately”.

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3:30 p.m : In Telegram, Volodymyr Zelensky says most of the 36 rockets were launched in recent hours. “killed” by Ukrainian anti-aircraft forces. He condemns “Loose strikes at critical sites”.

15h26 : The Ukrainian president took to the ground and accused Russia of conducting a “The Great Attack” With 36 rocket attacks that night.

15h24 : Volodymyr Zelensky’s services refer to 672,000 subscribers. “cut off” Khmelnytskyi area, between Kyiv and Lviv. In addition, Cherkasy province in the center of the country has 242,000 non-black households.

3:15 p.m : The Ukrainian president says more than a million homes are without power after fresh Russian strikes today.

14h27 : Meanwhile, Russia accuses Russia of killing two civilians and cutting off power to 15,000 people in the Belgorod region on the border with Ukraine. this morning

14h31 : Evacuation of the left bank of the Dnieper River in the Kherson border has been underway since Wednesday. Here are pictures of river boats reaching Alyoshka, released today by pro-Russian forces.

(Administration d’Occupation de Gerson/Telegram)

14h19 : “All citizens of Kherson must leave the city immediately”Now asking the local pro-Russian administration, this is a “Tense Situation Ahead” And “Increased Risk of Mass Bombings”.

14h10 : Faced with a Ukrainian counterattack, pro-Russian forces urged civilians to move to the left bank of the Dnieper, which already borders the city. “The city of Kherson, like a fortress, prepares its defenses”, He alerted the local occupation authority yesterday.

14h25 : Pro-Russian officials are calling on civilians to leave Kherson “Immediately”.

11h58 : Why is Russia targeting Ukrainian energy infrastructure like this? Our journalist Fabian Magneno explains this “Electric Chaos” strategyKyiv is trying to respond with a campaign of enforced moderation.

11:55 am : “If there is still no power, electricity and water in Ukraine, it could trigger a new migrant tsunami.”

In an interview to be published tomorrow in a German newspaper FASThe head of the Ukrainian government accuses Russia of wanting “Give Ukraine a cold winter”Laying a foundation “The biggest planned humanitarian disaster Europe has seen since World War II”.

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11:51 am : Following these missile strikes, there are energy restrictions “must” According to Ukrenergo, in many areas including kyiv and its region. Authorities had earlier announced power cuts across the country after fresh strikes.

11h48 : According to national operator Ukrenergo, new Russian strikes this morning targeted energy infrastructure in the western part of the country. “The extent of damage may be comparable or greater than the effects of the October 10-12 attack”He says.

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