Private jet crashes in Latvia after becoming unresponsive in France

It is a drama that internet users can follow live or virtually. The plane crashed, unfortunately the fear of the device’s latest flight data has now been confirmed. According to Bild newspaper, the flight took off from Jerez in the south of Spain. Registered in Austria, it should land in Cologne, Germany. But nothing went as planned.

Communication with the plane was soon lost shortly after crossing the border into France. The plane, a Cessna 551, was escorted by French and German aviation police as it passed through the airspace of Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

“Warned by Spanish authorities of problems pressurizing the aircraft, the National Center for Air Operations (CNOA) in Lyon Mont Verdun ordered take-off on an alert about the Rafale”, but “attempts to establish radio contact failed.” and “Visual communications did not allow us to observe any activity in the cockpit”. , the French Air Force described in a press release.In Germany, a Ludwaffe Eurofighter was responsible for spotting the plane while approaching Cologne.

Eventually, around 7:45 p.m., the plane began to descend over the Baltic Sea at a breakneck speed of 8,000 feet per minute (about 40 m/s). The device “went down when it ran out of fuel,” said Swedish rescue chief Lars Antonsson, who went in search of the device.The nationalities of the four people on board were not released.

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According to Lars Antonsen, Latvian rescue teams are directing operations at the scene of the tragedy with the help of a Swedish Coast Guard aircraft and helicopter. He added that no human remains were found. The reasons for the tragedy are not yet known. “We have no explanation, we can only speculate,” said Lars Antonsson. “But on board, they couldn’t answer clearly”. Latvian authorities have not released any statement on the accident.

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