Over a thousand migrants disembark within hours

Over a thousand Immigrants Landed in recent hours Italy Hundreds more were rescued by humanitarian ships and awaiting safe harbor, officials said Sunday. ONG and Italian authorities. More than 600 people who tried to cross the Mediterranean on a floating fishing boat were rescued on Saturday by a merchant ship and the coast guard off Calabria, south of Italy’s mainland. They were unloaded at several ports in Sicily.

Authorities also recovered the bodies of five migrants on board, who died under yet-to-be-determined circumstances. Around 522 people, mainly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia, arrived on Lampedusa island overnight from Saturday to Sunday in fifteen different boats from Tunisia and Libya.

990 people have been missing since the beginning of the year

According to Italian media, the reception center of this small rock is closer to Africa than Italy. Ansa says it currently houses 1,200 people, with accommodation for 250-300 people. In addition, sea rescue NGOs continue to rescue hundreds of migrants lost in the Mediterranean Sea. Seawatch reported on Sunday that four rescue operations were carried out on Saturday. “At SeaWatch3, we have 428 people, including women and children, a nine-month pregnant woman and a patient with severe burns,” he said on his Twitter account.

OceanViking, from the NGO SOS Méditerranée, said it had “rescued 87 people, including 57 unaccompanied minors, stranded in danger in international waters off Libya. Between January 1 and July 22, 34,000 people arrived in Italy by sea, up from 25,500 in the same period in 2021.” , and 10,900 in 2020, according to the Home Ministry.

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The Central Mediterranean migration route is one of the most dangerous in the world. The International Organization for Migration has put the number of dead and missing there at 990 since the start of the year.

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