One person was killed and wounded in an attack in Russia near the Ukrainian border

Attack on a village in southwestern Russia, bordering Ukraine In the Kursk regionOne person was killed and injured Thursday, May 19, the governor of the region said.

Another enemy attack on Theodokino, which took place at dawn, unfortunately ended in tragedy. At this point, we know that at least one citizen has died.“Roman Stroyd told the Telegram that others were injured and receiving medical treatment. According to initial reports, the victim was a truck driver who was delivering to a local distillery.Many timesThe governor said the attack came from Ukraine in response to the Russian invasion, which began on February 24.

Emergency services were called in to put out the blaze, which broke out in a village of about 4,000 people on Thursday morning. “Several houses were damaged. There is also talk of unexploded ordnance“The governor continued to publish in the Telegram photographs of burned buildings, windows and cracks in the ground where the blast was said to have taken place.

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