On the 200th day of the conflict, Russia withdrew its forces from Palaglia and Isium in the face of Kew’s advances to the east.

The Ukrainian operator of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant announced on Sunday that its last reactor had shut down after power was restored. The power plant, which has six nuclear reactors, was completely cut off last week after all its power lines were cut due to fighting in the area. It operated in isolation for days, generating electricity for critical cooling of its single, still-operating nuclear reactor.

According to Energoatom, one of the power lines was restored by the end of the day on Saturday, allowing operators to shut down the last reactor. The Zaporizhia power plant, located in southern Ukraine, has been regularly targeted by bombings, for which Kyiv and Moscow deny responsibility.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) came out in favor of an installation in a statement released after its on-site inspection on Tuesday. “Safe Zone” It determines the situation to prevent a nuclear accident at the plant, which has been occupied by the Russians for six months. “Unacceptable Status” Because of the explosions.

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