North Korea says its latest tests are ‘tactical nuclear’ simulations

North Korea said on Monday, October 10, that it had simulated the attacks “Tactical Atom” For the past two weeks, leader Kim Jong-un has personally supervised “Military Threat” Posed in his opinion by the US and its allies.

The regime has launched seven ballistic missiles since late September. One of these missiles flew over Japan, which has not happened since 2017. And the international community expects Pyongyang to conduct a nuclear test soon, its first in five years.

Faced with this growing threat, the US, South Korea and Japan have intensified their military cooperation. All three countries have conducted extensive naval and air exercises in recent weeks. Including the deployment of a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier around the Korean Peninsula USS Ronald Reagan. But North Korea sees these maneuvers as dress rehearsals for an invasion of its territory.

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“Divisions of the Korean People’s Army (APC) Responsible for the use of tactical nuclear weapons, he organized military exercises organized from September 25 to October 9 to verify and evaluate the country’s deterrence and counter-attack capability., the official North Korean news agency KCNA said on Monday. These tests were “Simulation of a real war”, she added. Yet according to KCNA, the exercises are specifically aimed at a “Tactical Nuclear Weapons Loading Simulation” on September 25 in a missile launched from a silo under an artificial lake in the northwest of the country.

Tension builds

Other experiments carried out in the following days involved, among others, simulation “Neutralization of Airports” In South Korea, the “Strikes from Key Command Centers” And “Enemy’s Major Ports”According to KCNA.

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As for the missile that flew over Japan on October 4, it was a “New Type of Intermediate Range Surface-to-Surface Ballistic Missile”, the company said. It traveled 4,500 kilometers before falling in the Pacific, which experts believe is the longest distance ever for a North Korean missile in a test.

KCNA justified the drills as US-South Korean joint military maneuvers, “The deplorable attitude further exacerbates tensions in the region, while clearly creating a military threat” To North Korea, he said. Kim Jong Un “Directed exercises on site”The company said on Monday that it released several photos of the warhead and missile launchers.

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While North Korea’s disarmament talks have long stalled, several U.N. Under Security Council sanctions, Pyongyang has stepped up its weapons tests since earlier this year.

Many experts and officials believe the country has completed preparations for a new nuclear test, the seventh in its history and the first since 2017. During a massive military parade in Pyongyang in late April, Kim Jong-un promised to develop. Nuclear powers of the country “as fast as possible”.

Missile atomization

In late September, the North Korean regime adopted a new doctrine claiming the country’s nuclear status. “irreplaceable”. “They’re looking for a tactical nuclear weapon, that’s for sure.”Estimated Ankit Panda, a security analyst in the US, who “They suspect they will gradually nuke many of their new short-range missiles”.

North Korea has described seven of its latest missiles as linked to the missile “Tactical Nuclear Operational Units” Significantly, this analyst added. “It’s interesting because it covers everything from short-range ballistic missiles to IRBMs [à portée intermédiaire] », he tweeted. North Korea said it did too “A Large Scale Integrated Air Attack Simulation” related to “More than 150 flights”And Kim Jong-un supervises.

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On Thursday, South Korea said 30 fighter jets had taken off after 12 North Korean planes were spotted flying in formation and conducting live-fire exercises near the Korean border. “Kim probably wants to tell the United States and South Korea that any show of solidarity and alliance readiness will be wasted.”, Rand Corporation analyst Soo Kim told AFP. According to this expert, “We don’t see North Korea backing down anytime soon, and there’s every reason to believe that the Allies won’t budge easily this time around.”.

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