Nitric acid tank attacked by the Russians in Chevroletonetsk

The city has been the center of fierce fighting for several days between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

“Nitric acid tank” at a chemical plant in Severodonetsk, eastern Ukraine “Feet” Following a Russian strike on Tuesday, the governor of the region, Sergei Kaitoy, announced that he was calling on the people not to leave the air strikes. “Do not leave the apartment” And “Make masks soaked in soda solution”The governor wrote in a telegram that nitric acid was particularly likely to cause lung damage or vision loss.

Is nitric acid “It is dangerous to your health (Usually reversible ulcers) ”, but can go as far as death, writes the French Emergency Medical Association. In gaseous form, it is “Shortness of breath, irritating or itchy” When inhaled, it can also affect the skin or eyes. In early April, Sergei Kaitoi had already announced a strike to strike a nitric acid tank in Rubyshney, a few kilometers north of Chevroletonetsk.

Pro-Russian separatists, for their part, pointed out that a container containing nitric acid had “exploded” at the Azot factory in Severdonetsk. “At the Azot chemical plant, a container containing the chemical exploded. According to initial reports, it is nitric acid. The territory of the plant is still controlled by the Ukrainian regimesThe Telegram wrote on Rodion Miroshnik, representative of the Lukansk Republic of Russia.

Absolute madness», Pour Zelensky

His message was accompanied by a photo showing a dark red cloud rising in the sky. Russian military strikes, including indiscriminate airstrikes, are “absolutely insane.”In a video aired in the evening on the Telegram condemned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky.

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The city of Chevrodonetsk, the administrative center of the Lukansk region for Ukrainian authorities, has been the center of several days of fierce fighting between Russian and Ukrainian armies. “Unfortunately, today Russian soldiers control most of the city.”Tuesday evening, said Serguiï Gaïdaï.

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