Nine humanitarian corridors have been reopened in the southeast of the country, with Ukrainian forces claiming to have attacked “Moskva” in the Black Sea. on the mapZoom in


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  • The Russian Defense Ministry agreed to expel the entire group Ship MoscowUkrainian officials say Neptune was hit by missiles on Wednesday evening. “Missile ship Moscow Firecrackers were severely damaged by the explosion. “, Citing the state news agency TASS, the Ministry of Defense announced. The ministry said it was investigating the cause of the fire, in addition to linking it to Ukraine’s military operations.
  • The United States announces 800 new military aid Million dollars 18M777 howitzer rifles, latest generation artillery pieces, 300 switch blade drones, 500 spear missiles and “Thousands of other anti-tank systems”. The United States has so far been reluctant to supply the heavy equipment requested by the Ukrainians, fearing it could provoke tensions between Washington and Moscow.
  • At the same time, Washington supported the use of the word “Genocide” Speak President, Joe Biden, To qualify for Russian operations in Ukraine. “Once all the evidence is gathered, I think we will eventually come to the same conclusion as President Biden because walking on the ground is not an accident.”Victoria Nuland, the number three figure in US diplomacy, was announced on the CNN channel.
  • Ukraine denies the fall of the city of Mariupol. The Russian Defense Ministry says more than a thousand Ukrainian troops have surrendered to Russian forces in the strategic port city of Mariupol in the besieged Sea of ​​Azov for several weeks. But Oleksi Arrestovich, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, Said on Facebook One hundred soldiers, members of the naval units, formed a breakthrough and joined Azov Regiment. He added that the city of Mariupol was not completely under the control of Russian troops. This information could not be verified.
  • The Presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia In Kiev. Arrived in Ukraine for “Stabilize” Government “At the Decisive Moment of This Country”. German President’s visit to Kyiv, Olaf Scholes, One of Volodymyr Zhelensky’s advisers is due to be announced on Wednesday.
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