Naphtali Bennett grants his army “complete freedom of action” after several attacks in the country

A few hours later The end of the human huntIsraeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett has promised to find a Palestinian attacker who killed at least two people in Tel Aviv on Thursday. “Defeat Terrorism”Friday, March 8.

On Thursday evening, two Israelis were killed and several others were injured in a Palestinian shooting in the center of Tel Aviv metropolis. Following this, security forces monitored the man overnight and shot him dead after a gunfight on Friday morning, police said.

“There are no limits to this war”

“We give full freedom of action to the military and the shin box [renseignement intérieur] To all security forces to defeat terrorism. There are no limits to this war, there will be.During a press conference with Defense Minister Penny Kants, Mr. Bennett said.

“Israel is the most powerful country in the region. Our enemies know it (…) The Armed Forces and other security agencies will use all necessary defensive and offensive capabilities to prevent this wave of terrorism.A Dit M. Gantz.

Since March 22, Israel has been hit by four attacks, two carried out by Israeli Arabs affiliated with the Islamic State, a jihadist organization, and two by Palestinians in what is considered to be the stronghold of the Jenin, a faction north of the West Bank. Palestinian forces.

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Le Monde and AFP

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