Mykolaiv, Karkiv and Zaporijia, again under Russian fire

Africa seeks support from its partners and Germany in dealing with the aftermath of the war in Ukraine

The current president of the African Union, Senegal Mackie Sal, called on German Chancellor Olaf Scholes on Sunday to help his country deal with the aftermath of the war in Ukraine on the continent.

Scholz, who began his first visit to Africa six months after taking office as president, promised the Senegalese president that he would not ignore the threat of famine caused by rising food and fuel prices and would do everything possible to help. The German president, who visited Senegal, Niger and South Africa until Tuesday, promised that Ukraine would be kept under the banner of war. “Very divided” On the issue, Mr. In Sal’s own words.

Controversy “Affects Us” But spreads “On another continent”Mr. Saul said. “For Africa, we want peace”He added. “We want peace even though we condemn the invasion.”He said more openly than in the past, “We are working to reduce the rise”. He called for a ceasefire, a conversation and a call “A just peace between Ukraine and Russia”.

The war has hit African economies hard. The international community is concerned about the risk of famine. Senegal, like other African countries, is heavily dependent on wheat imports from Ukraine and Russia.

“As the current President of the African Union, I express my deep concern to the Chancellor about the impact of war, widespread inflation and shortages in our African countries.”Mr. Saul said. “I beg our multilateral and bilateral partners to come with us.”He progressed.

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