Moscow condemns the Pope’s “unchristian” comments on the Russian minority

Update on the situation – In an interview, Pope Francis condemned the “atrocities” of “Chechens” and “Buryats”.

Russian Criticism of Pope’s Comment on Ethnic Minorities in Russia, Moscow Accuses Berlin of “Demonizing” Russia, Russian Court’s Intervention in Ukraine “Lacks Legitimacy”… Le Figaro The conflict between Russia and Ukraine took over on Thursday, December 1.

Moscow condemns Pope’s “un-Christian” comments on ethnic minorities in Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov This Thursday condemned the comments “Not ChristiansPope Francis, after the latter described “Cruel» Russian soldiers from some ethnic minorities fighting in Ukraine.

«Pope Francis recently made incomprehensible, totally un-Christian statements to point to two peoples of Russia and to expect atrocities from them during military wars.“, assessed the Russian minister during a press conference.

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«This does not help the authority of the Holy See“, he added. Over the past three days, various Russian officials have been angered by the Pope’s comments during an interview with a Jesuit newspaper.

In an interview published Nov. 28 on the Jesuit daily’s website America, François says there is “Lots of Information on Troops’ Brutality” Russians in Ukraine. “Perhaps the people from Russia are more cruel, but [qui ne sont] No Russian heritage like Chechens or Buryats.He declared.

Russia has been accused of disproportionately sending ethnic minority men from poor and remote regions of Siberia and the Caucasus to the front lines. A faction based in peacetime Buryatia has been accused of playing a key role in the massacre of civilians in Bautsa, near the capital Kew. Russia denies these crimes, saying “StagingUkraine and its Western allies.

Chechen leader’s men Ramzan Kadyrov They gained a reputation as ruthless fighters by chasing down a jihadist insurgency in the Russian Caucasus in the early 2000s, but eradicated all forms of resistance. They were also stationed in Ukraine, notably taking part in the capture of the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, which today is largely destroyed.

Starvation genocide in Ukraine: Moscow accuses Berlin of “demonizing” Russia

Russia accused Berlin of trying to “DevilishnessAfter members of the German parliament passed a resolution “GenocideA Stalin-planned famine that claimed millions of lives in Ukraine in the 1930s.

In 1932 and 1933, about 3.5 million Ukrainians died as a result.Holotomer», means extermination by starvation in Ukrainian. The harvests were later confiscated by the Stalinist regime in the name of land collection. In Ukraine and many historians have attributed this massive famine to many victims in Kazakhstan, another former Soviet republic, a “Genocide“. But Russia, with President Vladimir Putin trying to rehabilitate the Stalinist past, denies any desire to exterminate the Ukrainian people.

Tribunal ‘lacks legitimacy’ over Russia’s intervention in Ukraine

The Kremlin has said it is “no” to establishing a tribunal to investigate Moscow’s actions in Ukraine, including possible war crimes.No legitimacy“, Brussels declared itself the day before in favor of such a plan.

«Regarding these attempts to create courts, they will not be legal, we will not accept them and we will condemn them.“, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. He added that Russian investigators are working.meticulously“Documentation in Ukraine”All the crimes of the Kiev regime».

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