Morocco condemns “occupation” by Israeli forces in Jerusalem

Site of mosques in Jerusalem Violent clashes erupted between Israeli police yesterday Palestinians. The situation condemned by Morocco.

The Moroccan Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the country “strongly condemns the infiltration of Israeli occupation forces into the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the closing of its doors and the unarmed occupation of the mosque premises and its espionage.”

“Blatant aggression and systematic provocation”

More than 150 Palestinians were injured in the clashes on Friday, raising fears of a fire in the Palestinian territories. “Rabat believes that this outright aggression and this systematic provocation during the holy month of Ramadan will only provoke feelings of hatred and extremism and destroy the chances of resuming the peace process in the region,” it added.

King Mohammed VI – The leader of the al-Qaeda group responsible for the protection of Muslim shrines in Jerusalem – has ordered this “condemnation” to be reported directly to the head of the Israeli liaison office in Rabat, the ministry said. Rabat also called on the UN and the international community to “urgently intervene to end these atrocities and attacks against the Palestinian people.”

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