Mike Horn: Revelations about his military past during apartheid cause trouble in Switzerland

Mike Horn created chaos in Switzerland’s Vat province. Jessica Jacoud, a lawyer and Socialist deputy in the Vaudois Grand Council, this week questioned the government of the zone, which runs along the French border and Lake Geneva. The elected official is “surprised” about the title of “honorary member”, an association that monitors the popularity and glamor of the region, which was awarded to the 56-year-old adventurer, who is famous in France. À l’état savage” in M ​​6, then “Sustain the Impossible” at RMC Découverte.

The elected official was presented on Thursday, January 19, by the “Special Envoy” (Special Envoy) France 2), Jean-Philippe Seppi, on the RTS (Radio Television Suisse) program “TempsPRESent”. The investigation focuses on the youth of a man born in 1966 in Johannesburg, South Africa, who sought refuge in Chateau-d’Aix, Switzerland, at the end of the apartheid regime.

Video. RTS Project, “Mike Horn, Hidden Face of Adventurer”

The 45-minute documentary explores the complex past of the media personality, especially with archival footage. And Mike Horn picks up on some of the many lies told, accounts that vary over time.

In the mid-1980s, he participated in several operations during his military service. At the age of 19, Mike Horne “volunteered” to join the infamous 101 Battalion, which was now raging in Namibia during the war on the South African border. Questioned by RTS, former officers of this special force confirmed the existence of the future inspector, nicknamed “killer battalions” by the first president of Namibia, Sam Nujoma, because they tracked down all those who fought. Apartheid regime.

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Covert missions for the South African Army

“That was our job. We were considered the best counterinsurgency unit in the world. It was war, so inevitably there were unpleasant things. We were not only shooting at each other, we were rolling over each other. The enemy couldn’t run over us because they were on the ground. But we had vehicles. And the driver’s weapon was his vehicle. So if someone targets him, he doesn’t have time to stop, he runs over him. That’s how it is, this is war”, said Wall de Wall, a former officer of 101, facing the camera.

Since 1986, the group has been accused of being behind a massacre at a SWAPO (Armed Rebel Group fighting for the Independence of Namibia) meeting in Windhoek, the Namibian capital.

Internet. The life of Mike Horne, extreme adventurer

Mike Horn defends himself on camera from these serious allegations. “It was a long time ago … I have to look at my diary … I don’t know that I existed”, stutters the undercover agent for the South African army, before letting it all out this time. Publication of Nelson MandelaAnnouncing the end of apartheid rule.

Questioned by RTS, Globetrotter tries to justify himself, awkwardly. I wanted to play an active role in protecting South Africa. People think we hunt and kill. I hunted people who wanted to kill others. Like a policeman. I am not looking to kill, but to stop bad elements from killing people I love,” he says. Later in the show, he says that military trips are “a part of his life” like “going to buy croissants”.

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“I take full responsibility for everything I have done in my life”

A few days before this uplifting issue of “Present Time” aired, Mike Horne sent a long message to the production.

“I was part of the official forces of the South African Army at the time. I was doing my compulsory military service there. I strictly followed the orders given to me, he explains. I have no particular love for the apartheid regime. I was just doing my civic duty. I was not present during the 101 Battalion operation in Windhoek in 1986 when it was accused of assassinating President Emanuel Shifidi. I did not support the apartheid regime not only during my military duties but also after they were completed. I have never had any contact with Battalion 101 or any of its members. My coming to Switzerland was not connected with these activities, but because of opportunity, as I had the opportunity to illustrate in all my books. Although I take full responsibility for everything I have done in my life, it is clear that today I regret participating in these activities. »

Despite contacting us, he has not yet responded.

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