Michael Goya, elite expert on the Ukraine war

Colonel Twitter

“One has to imagine that it would be difficult to justify what war would mean for Russian society, as a soldier’s coffin passes over the Alexandre-III Bridge in Paris every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day.” Colonel Michael Koya, 60, a military historian and former naval officer with a particular sense of humor, has established himself on Twitter (56,000 subscribers) as an essential expert on the Ukraine war. Publishes daily Texts In the form of employee reports, illustrated with drawings and supported by technical details. He has been appointed consultant by BFM-TV.

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An obstacle path

Michael Goya, son of a Spanish immigrant and textile worker who died a month after he was born, did not create a saint-vein. He entered the army as an unassigned officer, before being promoted to the rank of Colonel. Interested in rugby, the father of a family and Bon Wyvant, he participated in major foreign activities in Yugoslavia, Rwanda and the Central African Republic in the 1990s, returning to university in the next decade. Ecole de guerre is a graduate and doctor of history. Since 2011, his analyzes of the conflict have been published In his blog, “Voice of the Sword”. He works “Alone, with Internet and data available from open sources, especially from US sites”he said.

Scholar Soldier

“This is the best”According to Jean-Dominique Merchet, a journalist who specializes in security matters. An expert in a vast historical culture, modern warfare, military invention and warfare, Michael Goya has published numerous works. 14-18 His dissertation on war, Meat and steel, Published by Volunteer in 2004, now a note. Demand has been high since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine. This subtle man showed himself – a rarity among media experts – to recognize that he overestimated the Russian military.. On Twitter, he theorized that France should one day “Planned guerrilla ability”.


Logically, he should have retired with the rank of General, but Michael Goya was not one “Decent Student” And the military does not want strong heads. So go to the former Colonel / Advisor. Already in 2007, Michael Goya condemned the price of weapons in an article and predicted the end of wars dominated by Western high technology, overcoming passing military aircraft. Dassault Aviation does not appreciate it, let it know.

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