Macron has warned that Lukashenko will have ‘problems’ if he gets too involved in the war in Ukraine.

Emmanuel Macron in France 2 October 12, 2022 – France 2

The Belarusian president announced the deployment of a joint military force with Vladimir Putin on Monday, without specifying where or how large it would be.

French President Emmanuel Macron warned on Wednesday that Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko could face “problems” at home if he joins Russia in further war in Ukraine. “If President Lukashenko decides to further involve himself in this war, he will do so against the advice of a large part of his people, and he will do so by taking on a responsibility, which will not be without problems,” the president announced during an interview on France 2.

On Monday, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said he had agreed with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. Positioning of a military group Generic, without specifying exactly where it will be used and what its size will be.

A “defensive” commitment

He accused Ukraine and its Polish and Lithuanian allies of training “extremist” militias in Belarus and preparing “terrorist” attacks and a military “uprising” to overthrow the government. However, Minsk refuses to consider sending its troopsSmaller in size than Moscow, to fight the Russians in Ukraine.

Belarus on Tuesday vowed that the military force it was creating with its Russian ally was only defensive, raising fears of its direct intervention in the conflict in Ukraine at a time when Minsk accused Kyiv of preparing an attack. “The objectives of the regional forces are purely defensive, and all the current actions are aimed at adopting an adequate reaction to the actions carried out near our border,” Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Grenin was quoted as saying in a statement. A press release from his ministry. He noted that this force should make it possible to ensure security on the borders of Russia and Belarus.

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“In the West, unfortunately, we are developing the idea that the Belarusian army may be involved in a special military operation in Ukraine,” Alexander Volpovich, secretary of the Belarusian Security Council, condemned on Tuesday.

“By succumbing to this kind of misinformation, the leadership of NATO and many European countries is clearly considering the possibility of aggression against our country,” he added.

Belarus has already ceded its territory to the Russian army For his offensive against Ukraine, but Minsk has so far not directly participated in the fighting on Ukrainian territory. The entry of Belarusian forces into their neighboring country could mean a new escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

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