Live – War in Ukraine: Zhelensky will speak at the UN Security Council on Tuesday

Zhelensky: “The number of victims of the invaders in Porodianka may be even higher”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that Russia will “try to cover up traces of their crimes” after several bodies of civilian clothing were found in Boutcha, near Kyiv. “They did not do it on Boutcha when they retreated, but in another region it was possible,” Zelensky said in a video message.

“Reports already indicate that the number of victims by the occupiers in Borodianka and other liberated cities may be even higher. In many villages in the liberated districts of Kiev, Chernihiv and Sumi, the occupiers carried out acts unseen even by the locals during the Nazi occupation 80 years ago.”

Exodus of Russian diplomats: Medvedev seeks a response from Moscow

France has decided to expel dozens of Russian ambassadors under a new embargo in consultation with other European countries. And former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev wants Moscow to do the same against the West.

The answer [de la Russie] It will be balanced and bilateral, “he wrote in a telegram. According to the Reuters news agency.

“If this continues, [il faudra] Knock on the door of Western embassies (…) It will be cheaper for everyone. Then we will only look at each other (…) through the riflescope. “

The United States wants to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council this week

The United States and the United Kingdom on Monday called for a “suspension” of Russia from the UN Human Rights Council in response to images of the Ukrainian city of Boutcha, where several bodies were found after Russian troops withdrew.

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According to Wahington, the UN is expected to make a decision on the suspension. Russia responded by describing the move as “unbelievable” and ruled that it would not facilitate “peace talks” between the Russians and Ukrainians.

New pictures of Mariupol destruction

Almost all parts of the port city in southeastern Ukraine have been leveled for more than 40 days since the start of the war.

Fear of a “massive attack” in eastern Ukraine

Its governor said in a video message on Monday that Russian forces were preparing for a “massive offensive” against Ukrainian troops in the Lukansk region of eastern Ukraine.

The situation across Ukraine-controlled Donbass (east) is “tense” where the army is ready to confront Russian forces and civilians must leave without delay, the governor of the region had previously announced.

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Fugitive Kiev residents have been urged not to return ‘for now’

The mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitaly Klitschko on Monday called on Kyiv residents fleeing the Russian invasion not to return to Russia for at least a week, as Russian bombings are still possible.

“We did not rule out the possibility of rocket fire. Yes, our air defense is working properly. But anything can happen. So I urge people to wait now and not come back,” he said in a telegram.

Zhelensky will address the UN Security Council

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will address the UN Security Council on Tuesday, following the discovery of alleged assassinations of Russian forces near Kiev, especially during his visit to Poultry on Monday.

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The leader, who has condemned “war crimes” and “genocide” after the renovation of dozens of civilian bodies in Bautista and other areas near the Ukrainian capital, will intervene in the Security Council for the first time since invading his country. Russia points to the United Kingdom as the current head of the United Nations.

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