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G20 finance ministers walk away without joint statement after disagreements over Ukraine

A meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors in Indonesia ended Saturday without a joint statement due to a lack of consensus among member states after disagreements over Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Big money makers sought answers to global food and energy crises and accelerating inflation. But a new conflict between the West, which decries the impact of the Ukraine war on the economy, and Russia, which blames Western sanctions for worsening the situation, has made a deal unlikely.

Of the 14 passages, consensus could not be reached from two members because they were concerned about “the implications of the war and how to respond to it,” said Indonesia’s central bank governor Perry Vargeo.

A Russian delegation has visited Iran at least twice to inspect combat drones

Russian officials will visit Iran at least twice this summer to inspect combat drones to be supplied to Moscow by Tehran, which is embroiled in its offensive in Ukraine, the White House’s national security adviser said Saturday. , Jack Sullivan.

The Iranian military handed over its drones to the Russian delegation at Kachan Air Base, 200 km south of Tehran, on June 8 and July 5, according to satellite images released by the US government, as Russia seeks to bolster its arsenal in the face of resistance. from the Ukrainian army in the east of the country.

“As far as we know, this is the first time a Russian delegation has come to this airfield for a presentation like this,” said Jake Sullivan.

Donbass: Separatist forces claim control of Sivarsk, near Lysizansk

Separatist forces say they continue to advance in the Donbass and are working to fully capture the besieged city of Sivarsk after taking Lysisansk further east earlier this month.

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Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov assured during a press conference that “the 115th mechanized regiment of the Ukrainian army operating in Chiversk has been destroyed.”

According to the British Ministry of Defence, “Russian forces are slowly advancing westwards after shelling and attacking from Lysizansk towards Siversk to open the road to Sloviansk and Kramatorsk”.

Vinnytsia Massacre: Death Toll Rises to 24

Balance sheet of Attack on Vinnytsia At least 24 people have died this Saturday as Ukraine continues to reel from strikes that devastated the city center hundreds of kilometers to the west on Thursday.

“Unfortunately, a woman died today in the hospital, she suffered 85% burns,” announced Vinnytsia Region Governor Sergiy Borsov, adding that 68 people, including four children, were still being treated.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned on Friday evening that “the work to identify all the perpetrators” of the attack has already begun.

Joe Biden to announce $1 billion in food security aid to Middle East and North Africa threatened by war in Ukraine

Joe Biden will announce $1 billion in aid this Saturday to improve food security in the Middle East and North Africa threatened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a White House official said.

The amount will be given “short and long term” when Joe Biden ends his tour in Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, said the official, who did not want to be identified.

According to Ukrainian officials, more than 38,000 soldiers were killed on the Russian side

Ukrainian officials said in its daily update that 38,140 soldiers have been killed on the Russian side since the beginning of the Russian invasion, as well as thousands of Russian military vehicles.

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These figures must be taken retrospectively, because the Russian authorities, like the Ukrainians, provide little information about their losses.

Nord Stream: Gazprom asks Siemens to hand over a turbine repaired in Canada

Russian gas company Gazprom announced on Saturday that it has officially asked German group Siemens to hand over a turbine repaired in Canada to ensure the operations of the Nord Stream gas pipeline supplying Europe. The fate of the turbine, supplied by Gazprom as essential to the operation of the Nord Stream gas compressor station, has cast doubt over the future supply of Russian blue gold to Europe for weeks.

The device was sent to Canada for repair by Siemens. Despite sanctions aimed at Moscow over its offensive in Ukraine, Ottawa announced it would return the turbine to Germany, requiring Siemens to hand it over to Gazprom. But the Russian team says there is no guarantee it can be recovered.

Ukrainian officials say shelling on Sukhiv has killed at least two people

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported two deaths in the city of Sukhiv (Kharkiv region) between Friday and Saturday after Russian attacks. Two others were injured As per current balance sheetBut research is still ongoing.

According to Ukrainian authorities, 8 people died and 14 were injured in the Donetsk region

Eight Ukrainian civilians were killed and 14 wounded in the fighting in the Donetsk region (Donbass) on Friday, according to Pavlo Kyrilenko, head of the regional military administration.

“Putin won’t stop in Ukraine”: BFMTV meets two French soldiers in Ukraine

BFMTV met two French members of the International Legion who came to fight the Ukrainians. According to these former soldiers of the French army, “Putin will not stop in Ukraine, so the best thing is to stop him soon”.

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They explain that helping with on-site training, “we’re not talking about very heavy weapons, we’re talking about anti-tank weapons that most Ukrainians don’t train on them, and that’s what they’re looking for the most”, they detail. They plan to stay in Ukraine until the end of the war and martial law.

Kramatorsk was bombed

In the evening, the city of Kramatorsk in the Donbass, still under Ukrainian control, suffered several bombings. A strike in its central square, Place de la Boix, left a two-meter crater and shattered windows in surrounding buildings, but caused no casualties because it happened after curfew, a police official said. Ukrainian 81st Brigade, in anonymity.

Earlier, at least three strikes hit south of Kramatorsk, towards the airport, where AFP reporters saw a large plume of smoke.

Ukrainian officials say Russian missiles were fired from the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

The boss of Ukrainian operator Energoatom said on Friday that the Russian military has stationed missile launchers at the (southern) site of the Russian-controlled Zaporijjia nuclear power plant since early March.

“The Russian aggressors have installed missile launchers on the territory of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and are attacking the Nikipol district from there,” Petro Kotin said in Telegram after a TV interview with Ukraine’s United Channel.

According to him, 500 Russian soldiers are still at the plant and they “control the site”.

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