Live – War in Ukraine: The Russians have kept Mariupol

Drop donations to Ukraine

Humanitarian donations to help the Ukrainians at the beginning of the conflict have accumulated, but in recent days they have run out. “At the beginning of the war, we had a lot of trucks loaded with big bags and the boxes went up to the ceiling,” Jenya, a volunteer with the Kyiv Volonteer Association, told BFMTV.

The association received மில்லியன் 1 million in humanitarian products in March, then ,000 120,000 in April and ,000 7,000 in May.

According to kyiv, 41,000 Ukrainians returned to Ukraine on Saturday

Ukrainian border guards Write in a press release It was reported this Sunday that 45,000 people had entered Ukraine on Saturday through the western border, including 41,000 Ukrainians. According to Ukrainian officials, a trend is “increasing”.

On the other hand, the border guards explain that “37,000 people left Ukraine, 22,000 of whom crossed the border into Poland.” The rest went to Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. In all, 6.4 million Ukrainians have fled the country since the beginning of the conflict. According to UN data.

“I do not believe in anything anymore”: the hard testimony of the last residents of Mariupol, held by the Russians

The AFP was able to talk to the last residents of Mariupol, now under Russian control, and they are taking to the streets at the end of the fighting. “What else do I believe in? What do I say when the house is destroyed and life is destroyed?”, Says Angela Gobitza, a 52-year-old former child care worker. “No work, no food, no water (…) What’s the future?

Elena Ilina, 55, is a professor of information technology at Mariupol University of Technology. His apartment burned down, “there was nothing”. He currently resides with his daughter and son-in-law. “I like to chat with my kids in my apartment, in quiet times,” he says. His voice breaks into tears.

Oksana Kristofovich, 41, who was a cook at a hotel in Mariupol, explains that she was hired at the city zoo to care for animals. “The restaurant I worked on on the left bank was destroyed. I used to be a cook there, and now my customers are them,” she said as she carried a bowl into the raccoon cage. Expressing a little optimism, Mariupol notes that “if we do not have everything, we get used to it, adapt to it, we survive.”

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Prior to the fight, 60-year-old Sergei Bouch்ch worked on the railroad tracks of the Azovstal industrial complex, the city’s main employer at the time, now largely destroyed. When Russia launched its offensive in late February, it had only two months left to retire after 30 years of service. Now he does not know if he will get a pension. He is currently working as a zookeeper.

But there is no point in complaining. “The Ukrainian people are not lazy. Once the shooting stopped, people came out of the cellars and looked for work. Some are already working,” Sergei proudly declares.

The question of reconstruction and its funding arises in Ukraine

After three months of war, the damage in Ukraine is immense, and if the country is already thinking about reconstruction, the bill is several hundred billion dollars, which the country can not provide while the conflict is still going on. After all, it takes many years to rebuild dilapidated buildings.

The sister of a Ukrainian soldier at the Azovstal factory expresses her fears

Sandra relied on BFMTV on Saturday about the fate of her brother, a deputy commander of the neo-Nazi battalion of the neo-Nazi army stationed at Moscow’s Assault factory in Mariupol, which was taken over by the Russian military. He says he has not heard from him since Thursday morning.

“He must come back alive with his comrades, he must show what courage the Ukrainians have. For us, they are heroes, we are waiting at home safely and securely for them,” she declares, albeit anxiously: “We have all seen how the Russians treated civilians in this war.” Can you imagine how they will handle the military? But I hope there will be minimal respect for Russian soldiers. “

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What was the status of the 87th day of the war?

Russia on Saturday said it was continuing its offensive in the Donbass and destroying weapons supplied by the West with naval missiles. On Saturday, United States President Joe Biden officially signed into law a $ 40 billion aid package to Ukraine to support its war effort against Russia.

On the other hand, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the war in Ukraine could only end in “diplomatic” ways. War will be “bloody, it will be fought, but it will end firmly through diplomacy”.

Here is our point in the situation to be read.

Update on the situation in Ukraine on May 21, 2022, according to the French Ministry of the Armed Forces © Ministry of the Armed Forces

Mariupol Russian Army Master

After three months of fierce fighting and hundreds of thousands of refugees, the Azovstel factory was captured on Saturday, and with the surrender of the last Ukrainian troops, the Russian army took control of the strategic port of Mariupol in Ukraine.

Pro-Russian officials have promised to turn Mariupol into a resort city. Sheet metal and wires of buildings torn by debris, missiles and bombs are hard to imagine in this problem.

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