Live – War in Ukraine: New US sanctions against Moscow call for expulsion of Kyiv East

Anger following the Russian embassy’s tweet posting a “movie package”

From Wednesday to Thursday night, the Russian embassy in France was divided A new false tweetRefers to a “movie gallery” in the city of Bautza, where abuses against the public were discovered last weekend.

Another provocation on the part of the Russian representation in France, while at the same time establishing the veracity of the killings in Bautista was established by several world press organizations, including BFMTV’s special correspondents, which was widely condemned by the French people. Political class.

“Stop, beyond humiliation,” denounced Clement Peon, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in particular.

Ukraine demands more weapons from NATO

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy Dmitro Kuleba on Thursday called on NATO members to provide more weapons to his country against Russian forces.

“I have come to ask for three things: weapons, weapons and ammunition. The sooner they are delivered, the more lives will be saved and destruction will be avoided,” the Ukrainian foreign minister pleaded when he arrived at NATO headquarters in Brussels. Meeting with his colleagues from the countries of the Atlantic Alliance.

The UN is set to vote Thursday on suspending Russia from the Human Rights Council

UN calls for referendum on Western demands for suspension of Russia from Human Rights Council

The announcement follows the withdrawal of Russian troops and the discovery of several bodies of civilians killed in Potsdam.

Eastern Ukraine is preparing for a fierce battle

Eastern Ukraine, now the Kremlin’s priority, has called on its citizens to stay out of the looming war, despite US sanctions on the new “catastrophe” against Russia.

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Russian forces bombed several locations in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday, killing at least one person, including Severodonetsk or Rubizhne.

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Ukrainian soldiers trained in the use of killer drones on American soil

A small group of Ukrainian soldiers formed in the United States before the Russian invasion of Ukraine Handling switch blade killer drones The Pentagon said Wednesday that Washington is providing for kyiv.

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For Zelensky, the sanctions announced on Wednesday were not enough

In A talk Broadcast on social media last night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky returns to sanctions announced by Western nations on Wednesday.

“New investments in Russia have been blocked, restrictions have been applied against many banks, personal sanctions have been added, as well as other restrictions. This package looks spectacular. But it is not enough,” he said.

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Good morning everyone!

Welcome to this live dedicated to the 43rd day of the war in Ukraine.

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