Live – War in Ukraine: Finland and Sweden submit applications to join NATO

Life in Kharkiv is slowly returning to normal

Ukraine’s second city is slowly coming to life. While the Ukrainian army is accumulating victories in the Kharkiv region, civilians are gradually returning after deportation and trying to find their daily lives before the war despite tensions.

Currently, it is difficult for city services to report damage, while gas, electricity and water services operate on a daily basis. At the BFMTV antenna, one of the technicians expects “two years” to return to normal.

When they return, however, many Ukrainians are dissatisfied with finding their homes completely destroyed by the Russian bombing. “This building can no longer be inhabited. It must be demolished. Emergency services have confirmed this. The floor and walls on the 8th floor are shaking,” explains cashier Aina, who returned to live there.

Finland and Sweden have submitted applications to join NATO.

It is now official. Finland and Sweden submitted their applications for NATO membership on Wednesday, and consultations are underway between NATO countries to eliminate Turkey’s opposition to the two Nordic countries joining the alliance.

Receiving membership applications from ambassadors of the two countries, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said, “This is a moment of historic significance at a critical juncture for our security.” “We hope to complete the process quickly,” he said.

Camelot “ordered” a street artist to paint in Kharkiv

Making people forget through art. Gamlet Zinkivsky is a famous Ukrainian street artist who decided to stay in his hometown of Kharkiv to “paint the walls” destroyed by the Russian army. The black bulletproof vest adorned with Cardia Battalion ridges, the tourniquet for making tournaments and … two markers, one black and one white: this is the latter “work equipment”.

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Before one of his works by Kamlet Zingkievsky, May 16, 2022, in Kharkiv © Dimitar Tilkoff / AFP

The 35-year-old, with immaculate bald head, clear eyes, and four silver rings on his left hand, camelet, who was in Kharkiv at the start of the Russian offensive, stayed overnight in the metro, then ten days at his parents’ home, safe. , Was heavily affected by the war before taking refuge with a section of his family in Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine.

On May 16, 2022, Kamlet Zingievsky in front of one of his works in Kharkiv
Camel Zinkievsky on May 16, 2022 in front of one of his works in Kharkiv.

That’s when he got a phone call from the commander of the Guardia battalion, and a friend told him: “You have been in Ivano-Frankivsk for a long time. We need you here. You need to paint.” He says he “gladly accepted the order” and “has now signed his name and battalion on all his paintings. I have complete freedom to paint what I want where I want it.”

The first war crimes trial since the Russian invasion begins on Wednesday

First Inquiry for war crime The start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine will begin this Wednesday, May 18 in kyiv. Vadim Sichimarin was accused of firing on Kalashnikov through the window of the car in which he was traveling. The 62-year-old, who was unarmed, was shot dead by civilians.

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The Ukrainian Defense Minister says the war is entering a ‘protracted phase’

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Resnikov said on Tuesday that the war with Moscow was entering a “protracted phase”. The Russians sought complete control of the Donbass area and occupied the south.

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“Russia is preparing for a protracted military operation,” he told EU Defense Ministers and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

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