Live – Sending heavy tanks to Ukraine: Zelenskiy insists on “speed and volume” of deliveries

Update on Deliveries

The domino effect was initiated by the German green light approach to supplying Panther tanks to Ukraine. To see more clearly the various information of these last hours, the Guardian Took part.

America : Officials say Washington is going back on its doctrine and preparing to deploy its M1 Abrams battle tanks.

Germany : Sources indicate that Chancellor Olaf Scholz may authorize delivery of 2 tanks to his Leopard.

Poland : Warsaw said it was willing to send up to 14 of its Panther 2 tanks and pressured Berlin to approve the exchange.

Norway : According to local press, the government is planning to send some of its Leopard tanks.

Finland : The country has announced that it can donate a limited number of Leopard 2 tanks if other European countries pledge.

Spain : Madrid wanted to condition their participation in advance of an agreement at the European level on this issue.

UK : The British government announced on January 14 that it would deploy a squadron – 14 – of its Challenger 2 main battle tanks.

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