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Fierce fighting has been going on for months in Donetsk and Soledar in eastern Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Kyiv is holding its positions if the situation has become “difficult” in recent days. Of the town once known for its salt mines, nothing remains.



Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi pledged on Thursday to provide “everything necessary” in terms of equipment to soldiers resisting Russian offensives in the two towns in the east of the country, Bagmouth and Soleder, under pressure from Moscow’s forces.

“I want to emphasize that the units defending these cities will receive ammunition and everything necessary quickly and without interruption,” Zelensky said on Facebook after a meeting with his staff.

Refusal to fight in Ukraine

A Russian court has sentenced a contract soldier to five years in prison for refusing to fight in Ukraine, AFP has learned from official judicial sources.

Marcel Kandarov, 24, did not show up at his workplace in May because he did not want to “participate in the Russian special military operation” launched in Ukraine last February. In September, he was “discovered” by law enforcement and found guilty of evading military service for more than a month during mobilization. The trial took place at a military court in Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan (Urals).

In Soledar, “A Difficult Situation”

Ukraine denies capture of Soledor by Wagner. Despite a “difficult situation on the ground,” Deputy Defense Minister Khanna Maliar acknowledged, the Ukrainian military continues to defend the town of 10,000 near Baghmoud, where fighting between Ukraine and Russia is ongoing.

“Fierce and violent fighting continues today in the Soledar area,” he told a press conference. According to him, “despite a difficult situation, Ukrainian soldiers fight tirelessly”.

LCI Report

Closer to the front, near Donetsk, Ukrainian soldiers are rejoicing in the onset of cold and frost. “It fundamentally changed the situation because it allowed the movement of heavy equipment,” said one of them in the report below.

Ukraine: Report on Ukrainian tanksSource: TF1 information

Circumstantial point

In this 323rd day of war in Ukraine, find the last 24 hours of information related to this conflict at the point below.


Soledar, change of Russian staff, delivery of tanks ... update the situation in Ukraine

Armed Russian ship near French coast

A spokesman for the Channel-North Sea Maritime Region confirmed to the LCI last night on the microphone that the ultra-modern Russian warship “Admiral Gorchkov” and its accompanying tanker passed off the French coast yesterday. If the ships were in international waters, they were closely monitored by NATO.

Putin’s anger

During a meeting with his ministers broadcast on Russian television, Vladimir Putin attacked his deputy prime minister, accusing Russian companies of not getting contracts. Without saying so, the Kremlin leader announces to Russians that he has moved to a war economy.

Putin’s anger at his deputy prime ministerSource: TF1 information


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