Kyiv says Russian forces will continue their offensive at the Azovstal metallurgical site in Mariupol and prevent civilian evictions

Satellite images predict that one-third of wheat crops in Ukraine will be destroyed

Yields of the next wheat harvest in Ukraine are expected to fall by at least 35% compared to 2021 due to the Russian invasion. According to satellite images The note, released Friday, was analyzed by geo-agency Cairos.

The conflict has severely disrupted the planting season, forcing farmers to work under bombs and making it harder to find fuel. At satellite altitudes, the difference is already apparent compared to regular seasons, which confirms the researchers’ predictions.

The images were recorded between April 14 and April 22, two months after Russia invaded the country via NASA’s Terra satellite. Kayrros relied on a system called the company “Normal difference plant code”An accurate infrared analysis, which assesses the condition of plants and predicts grain production.

At this point, Kyros estimates that Ukraine will be able to produce 21 million tons of wheat by 2022, 12 million less than by 2021.

“As the fighting continues, most of the country’s wheat production comes from parts of eastern Ukraine, where conflicts are more intense and actual production figures are lower.”Analysts warn.

Farmers who manage to sow will face a storage problem, as export by rail and road can only cover a small portion of the departure of goods by boat. Russia has besieged Ukrainian ports on both the Black Sea and the Azov, severely blocking trade.

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