kyiv claims 50km advance in Kharkiv region

Cover Image: Residents of the Kharkiv region observe the crater created by the missile in their garden. September 6, 2022. Sergei Popok/AFP

  • Volodymyr Zelensky said, on the night of Thursday to Friday, September 9, Ukrainian forces have recaptured Balaklia from Russian forcesKharkiv Region (East). “The Ukrainian flag flies over a liberated Ukrainian city under the sky of Ukraine”, wrote the Ukrainian president on Instagram, with video showing Ukrainian soldiers marching through the city of 27,000 people, was seized by the Russian military in early March. In the same area, Ukrainian forces claim to have breached Russian defenses at a depth of 50 kilometers.
  • European energy ministers will try to agree on Friday A series of emergency measures to curb the hike in gas and electricity prices. Under strong pressure, the Commission submitted a panoply of twenty-seven mechanisms, with the hope that a sufficiently consensual text would be approved as soon as next week. Member states are particularly divided over the range of Russian gas prices. Proposed by the European Commission. Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia will no longer supply hydrocarbons to countries that set the price.
  • from Kiev, On Thursday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced $2.8 billion in aid to Ukraine and neighboring countries. This long-term military support covers eighteen countries, including NATO members and regional security partners. “Most Likely Threat by Future Russian Aggression”.
  • The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced its support for establishing a system in a statement released after its on-site inspection on Tuesday. “Safe Zone” To prevent a nuclear accident at the Ukrainian power plant in ZaporizhiaIt was occupied by the Russians for six months, and that decided the situation “Unacceptable Status” Because of the explosions.
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