Kyiv announced the removal of five governors and four deputy ministers from their posts after allegations of corruption in the military.

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14h22 : @Kate I miss all my homework! Here it is served fresh and without added sugar.

• Traffic is blocked “All Day” At the Gare de l’Est in Paris, for one reason “Fire on Electric Cables” In a signal box, SNCF announces. It is not certain whether the trains will run tomorrow. Don’t miss our live wagon of latest news.

Five governors and four ministers have been dismissed from their posts in the latest episode in the biggest corruption scandal rocking the country. Here we present it all.

On January 31, ski lifts will also be on strike at many resorts. Unions have filed an “indefinite” strike notice Can be extended till school holidays.

There is France 15 women and 32 children were repatriated from jihadi prison camps in northeastern Syria. As per procedure, they were immediately taken into custody.

13h58 : Matters related to delivery of Leopard tanks to Ukraine are also progressing. Reminder of previous chapters: Poland Need to hear For Germany, the manufacturer of the devices, if it can give them to Ukraine under a contract. German Foreign Minister said “Why not” Sunday, Poland said “We must act quickly” Here Now a German government spokesman says the latter will consider Poland’s request “With perfect urgency”.

13h05 : Why these resignations and all this marginalization within Ukrainian power? We explain in this article These are the consequences of the biggest corruption scandal rocking the country.

12h39 : A major purge continues in Ukraine: In total, the government has announced on its side that five governors and four deputy ministers have been removed from their posts. telegram.

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11h19 : At least 7,068 civilians have been killed and 11,415 injured in Ukraine since the Russian invasion began. A new assessment by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

10h36 : “I have openly encouraged allied countries that have Leopard tanks on standby to train Ukrainian forces on these tanks”, said the German Defense Minister. The statement comes after Poland announced its intention to supply German-made Leopard tanks to Kyiv.

10h49 : is there “No symptoms” shows that Russia has “Changed his goals” In its war against Ukraine, NATO’s leader believes. Jens Stoltenberg, who visited Berlin, reaffirmed the importance of supplying Kiev with more heavy weapons to help the country deter Russian forces, and told himself. “faith” That there will be a solution “soon” Found in supply of tanks claimed by Ukraine.

10h09 : Bonger @Sylvie, In fact, Kyrilo Tymoshenko, the deputy head of the presidential administration, also announced his resignation. The reasons for his resignation are still unclear. I will add that Deputy Prosecutor General Oleksiy Simonenko also left his post. According to RBK-Ukraine media, he allegedly spent ten days on holiday in the Spanish city of Marbella. Volodymyr Zelensky banned this type of personal foreign travel.

10h09 : Et aussi Kyrylo Tymochenko

10h09 : in Ukraine, The exhausted people of Bagmouth sought refuge in “invincible centers”.. Places where they can come and warm themselves and eat when many water and electricity are cut off due to the war.

(Anatoly Stepanov/AFP)

10h09 : In Ukraine, Deputy Defense Minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov resigned after media revelations on suspicion of inflated prices for military supplies. The Ministry of Defense explained in a press release that Vyacheslav Shapovalov was responsible for the rear support of the armed forces and that he should be removed from his post. The ministry says the allegations against him are baseless.

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08:16 : Poland to ask Germany for permission to supply 14 German-made Panther tanks to Ukraine But Why did Berlin have the right to inspect Warsaw tanks? ? Explanations from our journalist Pierre-Louis Caron.

Polish Army Leopard 2 battle tanks during a military exercise in Nowa Deba (Poland) on April 8, 2022.  (STR/NURPHOTO VIA AFP)


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