Kyiv accused Russia of attacking strategic infrastructure in response to recaptured territories

During his daily briefing Posted on TwitterThe British Ministry of Defense has shared its intelligence services’ latest analysis of the Russian invasion.

Successes by Ukrainian forces on the ground this weekend — particularly their counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region — “There are significant implications for Russia’s overall operational design.”And for the morale of its soldiers on the field, let London know. “Most Russian forces are often forced to prioritize emergency defensive operations. The trust that Russian troops have in their senior leadership — already limited — is likely to deteriorate further. The British Ministry of Defense adds.

According to the same source, Russia may have ordered the withdrawal of its forces from the entire occupied part of the Kharkiv province west of the Oskil River. “There have been isolated pockets of resistance in the area, but since Wednesday Ukraine has reclaimed an area twice the size of Greater London”Or an area of ​​more than 3,100 square kilometers, almost the size of the French department of Rhône.

Russia appears to be struggling to keep troops in place across the Dnipro River in southern Ukraine’s Kherson region. The initial objective was to take them to the front line located on the west bank of the river. But “Improved floating bridge installed by Russia two weeks ago remains incomplete”British Ministry of Defense notes. “Ukrainian long-range artillery is now frequently hitting the Dnipro crossings, making it impossible for Russia to repair damaged road bridges.” Adds the same source.

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