Kevin McCarthy is the new speaker of the embattled House of Representatives

Two years ago today, a coup in the heart of the world’s greatest power narrowly failed. Thousands of supporters of Donald Trump (2017-2021) stormed the Capitol after a campaign of lies and pressure launched by the then-president. On Friday, January 6, in the same building, the elected officials of this MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement, despite being a minority within the Republican Party, imposed their law and especially their methods on the new majority in the House of Representatives. . They humiliated Kevin McCarthy in historic proportions, despite his nomination as Speaker on the fifteenth ballot, well past midnight, after four days of debate and three nights of negotiations. This personal and collective ordeal has left a fractured, weakened party, but above all in the grip of far-right populism.

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One scene summed up the ordeal for the winner. 11pm on Friday. Matt Gates sits impassively at the back of the House of Representatives. Around him the smoldering ruins of his party. This camera is equipped with cameras selected from Florida. His Republican colleagues are surrounding him, pressuring him and challenging him. Without giving him his defining voice, Matt Gaetz, 40 years old, defeating Kevin McCarthy, who was elected Speaker for a fourteenth term. A final unexpected turn, at the end of a trail of burning rays, the candidate thought finally satisfied his obsession.

Rep. Mike Rogers, Jan.  6, was physically restrained by a colleague during a heated argument with Matt Getz in the House of Representatives.

The following minutes are already part of the parliamentary history of the United States. Leavitt approaches Kevin McCarthy Getz and tries to reason with him. Earlier in the day, an elected official from Florida called him “LeBron James [basketteur vedette] Fundraising for Special Interests ยป, evaluates that “Philanthropy is not about selling oneself piecemeal to a corporation of lobbies.”. McCarthy withdrew and resigned. The elected Republican is physically restrained by one of his colleagues to keep him from hitting Matt Getz. With no alternative, the adjournment of the session is decided by a referendum until Monday, making for a heartbreaking weekend. Then there was a new confusion near the Speaker’s podium.

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Relaxed applause

Dozens of Republicans who wanted to vote again on Kevin McCarthy’s nomination decided to change their vote. “once again! “, The candidate shouts. According to CNN, Donald Trump has been on the phone with several of his relatives on the hemicycle, reviving hopes for final negotiations – an immediate conclusion. In fact, in this fifteenth round, five of the last abstentions were content to declare themselves, rather than vote for another candidate.

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