Journalist of the American channel Fox News and a Ukrainian journalist shot dead in their vehicle near Kiev

The facts took place in Horenko, a suburb of the Ukrainian capital. Journalist and cinematographer Pierre Zakrzewski died of his injuries. Journalist Benjamin Hall, who accompanied him, was injured and is being treated at a hospital. Their “fixer”, the Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra Kuvshinova was killed in the shooting.

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Journalists in Ukraine also pay a high price. The vehicle of the Fox News team was targeted in a shooting on Monday, March 14 in Horenka, near Kiev. The channel announced on Tuesday that Pierre Zakrzevsky, a journalist and cinematographer for the American channel, had been killed in Ireland. Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra Kuvshinova is also the team’s “fixer” (local contact who assists journalists in their work). Benjamin Hall, a British Fox News correspondent in the vehicle, was injured and hospitalized. Had their car “Fired up”Fox News press release says.

On March 1, a Ukrainian journalist was killed in a strike in the Ukrainian capital, and an American documentary filmmaker, Brent Renat, Shot on Sunday Irbin, still on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital. Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, five journalists, including two foreigners, have been killed.

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