Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Donald Trump clash in Pennsylvania

One state, two atmospheres. Three days before the US midterm elections, Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Donald Trump clashed remotely on Saturday, November 5 in Pennsylvania. But not to deliver the same message. The current White House tenant and his Democratic predecessor urged voters “voter” to protect “Democracy”. For his part, their opponent, Donald Trump, said he wanted one “The Great Wave” Republic for “Saving the American Dream”.

“Democracy is truly on the ballot. This is a critical moment for the nation and we must all speak with one voice.”He introduced Joe Biden under blue and red lights with a large American flag and a standing ovation in Philadelphia, the cradle of the US Constitution at the end of the 18th century. A nostalgic Barack Obama first arrived in the industrial city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Cousin Pookie” And “Uncle Joe”The beloved nickname of mobilized voters, buried in their sofas, rose and “Go vote!” Tuesday for Democrats.

In the evening, in the city of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, former President Trump (2017-2021), a red hat pressed to his head, obscured his vision and called out for a very long time “Make America Great Again”. “End the destruction of the country”.

In this former steelmaking stronghold, multimillionaire Republican surgeon Mehmet Oz, a Donald Trump-esque TV star, is battling the bald colossus and former small-town Democratic mayor John Fetterman for a hotly contested Senate seat. Because of this position of the senator, the balance of powers of the upper house of Congress undoubtedly has enormous power. After all, this election will set the stage for the 2024 presidential election.

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