Italian court orders analysis of messenger RNA vaccines

An Italian court ordered the analysis of anti-Covid vaccines by messenger RNA after a complaint by a person subject to a vaccination obligation to carry out his profession.

Seized by a person who opposes the anti-Covid vaccine, an Italian court has ordered a laboratory analysis of messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines, we learned this Saturday from the plaintiff’s lawyer.

The court in Pesaro, near San Marino (East), appointed an expert to identify the contents of the Moderna and Pfizer/BioEntech messenger RNA anti-Covid vaccines. These investigations will be carried out in September, said lawyer Nicoletta Morante.

According to him, this is “the first time in Italy, maybe in Europe”.

Know what proteins are in the vaccine

The complainant, who has suffered from the disease in the past, is fifty years old, works in particular in education, and his activity in Italy is subject to the vaccination obligation. According to Ms. Nicoletta Morante, she is subject to administrative sanctions.

Apart from “whether vaccinating people who have recovered from Covid-19 satisfies the good administration of drugs”, he wants to know what proteins these vaccines contain and whether they contain “excipients for non-human or dangerous use”. ” according to the summary of the complaint.

Messenger RNA therapy allows cells to reproduce proteins in the virus — “antigens” — that the immune system gets used to recognizing and neutralizing.

12 billion doses are administered

In support of the civil complaint against Pesaro, the attorney presented the opinion of a medical researcher, posing as an independent virologist, who believes that mRNA vaccines do not fulfill the protective function of injectable vaccines. The vaccines, he writes in the complaint, “lack the reported functional compatibility” and the immunity they produce is “ineffective.”

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According to the WHO, more than 12 billion Covid vaccines have been administered worldwide, and 60% of people have received two doses.

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