In the Odessa region, kyiv says strikes in a residential area have killed at least seventeen people and injured 30 others. on the mapZoom in


Cover Image: On May 10, 2022, a shopping center was destroyed in the Ukrainian city of Odessa in the Black Sea after a Russian missile attack. OLEKSANDR GIMANOV / AFP

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  • Seventeen people, including a child, were killed in a missile launch early Friday morning “Strategic Flight” From the Black Sea to a residential area in the Odessa region of southern Ukraine, the spokesman for the regional administration Sergei Brodsuk and rescue workers said. About thirty people were injured.
  • The strike comes the day after the Russian military withdrew from Snake Island, A strategic base in the Black Sea that controls sea routes. Moscow announces withdrawal of troops “As a sign of goodness” Kyiv congratulated itself on intimidating Russian forces in order to facilitate grain exports from Ukraine.
  • Volodymyr Zhelensky acknowledged that the situation remained the same “Very difficult” In Licensing, In eastern Ukraine, most of the fighting is concentrated. Lisztzhansk is the last large city in the Luhansk region not yet in Russian hands.
  • In the southern Gershon, Ukrainian helicopters attacked “Enemy Troops and Military Equipment”, Near the city of Plosirka, the Ukrainian military said Friday. The attack was carried out “Thirty-five people died” Among the Russian soldiers and according to the same source, destroyed two tanks and several armored vehicles.
  • Several NATO member states, which concluded its summit in Madrid on Thursday, announced new military assistance to Ukraine. : British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged 1 billion (16 1.16 billion), and US President Joe Biden has pledged an additional $ 800 million (60 760 million).
  • Ukraine has begun to export electricity via a “Meaningful” To the European UnionThrough Romania, President Volodymyr Jagansky made the announcement on Thursday evening. “We are preparing to increase supply”He further pointed out “Ukrainian electricity will convert a significant portion of Russian gas consumed by Europeans”.

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