In Mali, the government announces the return of Soguele Maika as prime minister

Soguele Gokalla Maika returned to the post of Prime Minister of Mali It’s official now. “After nearly four months of medical leave, the Prime Minister, Head of Government Sokwele Gokalla Maika, resumes service today”The government of Mali announced on its Facebook account on Monday, November 5.

The civilian and political veteran, who was appointed Prime Minister in June 2021, suffered a stroke at the age of 64 and was forced to retire in August 2022. His return is subject to speculation for several days. He had Specifically It was received on November 25 by the chairman of the ruling junta, Colonel Azimi Koida, who told him that he was eligible to resume his post.

However, the latter gained momentum on Sunday evening The order dated 21st August appointing Colonel Abdul Maika as the interim Prime Minister, Mr. Koida canceled.. In fact, Choguel Kokalla Maïga found his post automatically.

The calculations behind this revenue and its implications are unclear, and the internal dynamics of the military regime are shrouded in secrecy.

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Intermittent absence of passage or penetration

Thus the four-month interim was confirmed by the Minister of Regional Administration and Decentralization and Government Spokesperson Colonel Abdul Maika. But it does not mark any break or significant change in the trajectory of the military regime that was first brought to power in August 2020 by a coup and strengthened by a second in May 2021. Key decisions are assumed to be made in a controlled circle of dominance. By the military, at places other than the seat of government.

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The decree, which was read out on Sunday evening, appointed Colonel Abdul Maika as Minister of State, still in charge of regional administration and decentralization. He is called upon to ensure the Prime Minister’s tenure in the event of an absence, interruption or vacancy in the office of Prime Minister.

As head of government for three and a half months, Col. Maika followed in his namesake’s footsteps. Both face a rift with former allies France and its allies and a military and political realignment towards Russia after May 2021.

Mali has been plagued by the spread of jihadism since 2012 and a deep multidimensional crisis: political, economic and humanitarian.

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