In Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu is trying to reassure the American ally

It’s a wisdom Antony Blinken recalled at the end of his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Monday, January 30: Washington’s relationship with Israel is too deep to come. Disagreements with incumbent governments. It is worth reading an empty criticism of this rhetoric from the US Secretary of State. His administration is concerned about an accelerating spiral of repression and violence in Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories, as well as announcements of a belligerent government in Israel’s history, the most right-wing in power since December 2022.

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In Israel itself, Washington fears a judicial reform that would erode the powers of the Supreme Court is prompting thousands of demonstrators to take to the streets of Tel Aviv. Mr. Blinken made an oblique reference to it. He congratulated “A Vibrant Civil Society” and Mr. urged Netanyahu “Build Consensus” In any reform. Again, an empty review. “Washington doesn’t want to talk about it publicly. Aidan Gilboa, a professor at Bar-Ilan University and an expert on Israeli-American relations, notes. Today, he is compelled to do so because of the scope of this reform, the pace at which it is progressing, and the fact that American Jewish leaders and members of Congress have said it must be discussed in the White House. ยป

For the past month, Mr. Blinken was preceded in Israel by National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan and Director of the CIA William Burns. All come to herald the death knell of international negotiations over Iran and its nuclear program, which has not been registered by Washington. They assure Israel that there is a military option. Then they come to sort out the conflicting messages sent by the new Israeli government. To all, Mr. Netanyahu is reminded that he is alone at the helm, he shares “Interests” And “Values” Americans.

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A restrained and weak Netanyahu

However, Mr. Netanyahu looks restrained and weak. No Israeli party wants to join it, except the far-right and ultra-Orthodox religious allies, on which it depends and has no alternative. They have no international experience. They hold Washington as a brake on the colonization of the territories. They campaign to limit the right to aliyah, Jewish immigration. They resent the reformed, integrated American Jewish community, which is highly critical of Israel. At this last stage, they Mr. They join Netanyahu’s closest aide, Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer, in demanding that Israel henceforth base its public diplomacy in the United States solely on evangelical Christians, unreserved defenders of the Jewish state.

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