In Hungary, thousands of people march during the Pride Parade

Several thousand Hungarians marched in Budapest on Saturday July 23 to defend LGBT+ rights, a year after the law, which is considered discriminatory, came into force. Giant hearts, flags and umbrellas in rainbow colors, the event took place legally on the banks of the Danube in scorching heat.

Participants, including foreign diplomats, condemned the text adopted in the summer of 2021, which is banned. “Deputy or Promotion” Homosexuality and gender reassignment among minors. On a bridge in the city, counter-protesters carried a banner confusing homosexuality and pedophilia with the law.

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Outcry in Europe

The Hungarian law, originally aimed at combating pedocrime, raised an outcry in Europe last year: Ursula van der Leyen, president of the European Commission, spoke. “shame”. In the process, the European Commission launched an infringement procedure against Hungary before seizing the Court of Justice of the European Union in mid-July.

Nationalist and ultra-conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orb├ín, whose country is in the crosshairs of Brussels for attacks on the rule of law, has vowed that the law is not homophobic. “Protecting Children’s Rights”. On Saturday, during a speech in Romania, he reaffirmed the government’s position: “Father is a man, mother is a woman, leave our children”. He refuses “Western Folly” In the title.

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