How TotalEnergies gas fuels Russian warplanes in Ukraine

In Russia, Total Energies not only exports gas to Europe, but often explains it to justify its presence there. The French oil company operates with its local partner Novatec, from which a liquid hydrocarbon gas condensate is extracted. This, once converted into kerosene, is used to fuel Russian warplanes at war in Ukraine. Terneftegaz, which operates the deposit, is 49% owned by TotalEnergies and 51% by Novatek.

Thanks to information from Refinitiv, a financial database compiled by the NGO Global Witness and owned by the London Stock Exchange, the world We were able to trace the supply chain from the Termokarstovoye gas field in Siberia to two military air bases (Morozovskaya and Malchevo). These groups have been accused by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch of attacking Ukrainian civilians, most notably the bombing of the Mariupol theater on March 16, 2022, which killed nearly 600 people. « A proven war crime »Ceylon Amnesty International.

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At this stage, it is still difficult to assign responsibility for the blast to a specific group. Amnesty International investigators say “The Russian aircraft that carried out the attack were mostly SU-25, SU-30 or SU-34 multirole fighter jets based at nearby airfields.”. Most of the bombing of Mariupol (population 440,000 at the beginning of the invasion) was carried out by fighters based at Morozovskaya, located 350 kilometers from the target in the Rostov region. the world Mariupol collected several testimonies from survivors of bombing by Sukhoi planes (its prefix SU-) that frequented the city’s skies.

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Diminished stock

A French group that publicly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine (failed to translate this condemnation into Russian. site Internet), reducing its role in exploitation of gas condensate. “TotalEnergies is not the operator of the Terneftegaz facilities operated by Novatek employees”, He says, adding that he “Novatec did not participate in decisions regarding the recovery of capacitors” And did “There is no control over its sale. » Should Novatek, the majority shareholder, make all the decisions with a 51% stake in the joint venture? “Majority limits depend on the nature of the results”, TotalEnergies acknowledges and acknowledges in practice that certain results could be prevented.

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