“How can Q be defended in the name of democracy when it is allied with one or more dictatorships? ⁇

KWhen Air Force One lands in Saudi Arabia on July 16, the US President knows what to do: Eat his hat. Because Joe Biden, who campaigned in 2020, promised to consider Riyadh an outcast if he came to the White House – in short, to keep the capital away and to show “kind indifference” to his address. We say that in American diplomacy.

These prejudices go as far as the Jamal Kashogi affair, which is still remembered by everyone in Washington. Kashogi, a Saudi refugee in the United States, was strangled to death at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Istanbul in 2018, after which his body was dismembered with a saw. Had gone to Turkey to formalize identity documents. CIA verdict: Riyadh’s strongest prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has been ordered to a minimum approved assassination.

read more: The article is reserved for our subscribers The Biden administration has distanced itself from linking the “MBS” to the assassination of Jamal Kashoki.

Since then, Biden has vowed to speak only in person with King Salman, never talking to his rebellious descendants “MBS” who have caused seven years of brutal war in Yemen and severe repression inside.

After all, in oil and gas, there is a way for the United States to no longer depend on the black gold of the Gulf, especially the magnificent Saudi reserves. They have been associated with the “House of the South” for eighty years and are more committed to the security of the state than ever before. Finally, in the fight against regional expansion and Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Riyadh is here again indebted to Washington. Conclusion? Like Barack Obama, his vice president, Joe Biden, no longer wants to silence his former Saudi ally in the name of human rights.

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The sand is like bad air

Only here, the status quo of carrying candidate Biden’s promises, like the wind blowing sand, has changed. Washington urgently needs Riyadh today. A few months before the midterm elections, in early November, inflation must be reduced, especially at pumped petrol prices – indicating that Saudi Arabia is committed to producing more oil. Another US goal is to ease the European embargo on Russian hydrocarbons, which could lead to an increase in Saudi production. Like the US-led domestic demands and war being waged by the US against Russian imperialism in Ukraine.

But to get all this, you need to talk to the “MBS” who will decide in Riyadh and who will be the head of state until the end of the century. Reality often imposes itself on this undesirable path and, in this case, abuses candidate Biden’s moral concerns – his desire to distance himself from the Saudi monarchy with a highly pronounced tyrannical profile. So the trip to Arabia, during which the US President will meet many Arab leaders with the most authoritarian: another bad blow from “really”!

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