House investigation says Trump should be held accountable

Donald Trump opened the floodgates “Corruption and Corruption” and be legally responsible for the January 6, 2021 attack, the chairman of the House inquiry into the attack on the Capitol said Thursday, July 21.

Former President of the Republic “Trying to destroy our democratic institutions”Benny Thompson made the assertion during a prime-time hearing, which completes a series of public presentations of his commission’s work. “He paved the way for disorder and corruption”, continued the elected Democrat, who contracted Covid-19 and intervened via video conference. According to him, everyone responsible for the attack, including the White House, should “An Answer to Their Proceedings in Court”. “It will take serious consequences, otherwise I fear our democracy will not be restored. »

Two members of the Commission, experienced, proposed the date of January 6, 2021 “Minute to Minute” By Donald Trump, he accused them “Dereliction of Duty” of the commander, by omission “nothing” to prevent his followers from wreaking havoc in the Capitol. Nevertheless, on the day members of Congress were to certify the victory of his Democratic rival Joe Biden in the presidential election, he invited them to Washington. At noon, in a fiery speech in the center of the capital, he asked them “Fight Like Demons” Considered against “Mass Election Fraud”.

He then returned to the White House, where the mob launched an attack on the American temple of democracy. It took more than three hours for his supporters to leave the campus. “I know your painHe finally told them in a video posted on Twitter. But we must go home now. »

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Trump relatives ‘begged him to intervene’

Thursday’s hearing before a House committee turned to what happened between the two talks.

Staying in the White House’s private dining room, Donald Trump continued the attack on television “His close advisers and family members urged him to intervene”, profiled Democrat-elect Elaine Luria. But “President Trump refuses to act out of selfish desire to stay in power”She added.

In a video clip of his deposition, former White House legal counsel Pat Cipollone confirmed what he said about 2 p.m. “It is very clear that we need an immediate and clear public statement calling on people to leave the Capitol”.

As for the federal police, Washington, the military, the National Guard, and President Trump “They were not called upon to give orders or offer assistance.”Elaine Luria told the packed Capitol officials.

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“not enough”

“The President did not make a mistake by not acting for 187 minutes (…) He doesn’t want to act.”He attacked Adam Kinzinger, one of two elected Republicans who agreed to participate in the commission’s work and was rejected by their party.

Worse, at 2:24 p.m. he sent a tweet criticizing his vice president, Mike Pence, for not wanting to block the certification of the election results, prompting complaints from rioters, the lawmakers noted.

Within the next two hours, he sent out two more tweets calling for a crowd “keep calm”. Later, White House deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews said she agreed to send the message only after her own daughter Ivanka intervened. “It’s not good enough”, “We expected something less ambiguous.”Then-Deputy National Security Adviser Matthew Pottinger was also called as a witness Thursday evening.

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When he finally shot a video asking his supporters to leave the Capitol, he disrespected the text written by his advisers. “I know your pain”He once again presented himself as the victim of an election and chose to say “Wally”.

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“No one is above the law”

The public session will be the eighth in six weeks and the second televised in prime time across the country. The former have focused, among others, on the role of the far right in the attack or the pressure exerted on election agents by Donald Trump and his cronies.

The “January 6 Commission” It will then withdraw from the public review to produce its final report, which will be delivered in the autumn. But he will continue to collect evidence and documents and new hearings will be held in September, says Penny Thompson.

Regardless of his recommendations, the decision to prosecute Donald Trump will rest with Attorney General Merrick Garland, who has not ruled it out. “No one is above the law”He said it again on Wednesday.

Donald Trump, who is openly flirting with the idea of ​​running for president in 2024, has fiercely criticized the commission’s work.

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