He spoke to Hungarian leader Arban Putin about an “immediate ceasefire”.

“I urge President Putin to declare an immediate ceasefire,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

Hungarian nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced on Wednesday that he had met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was close to him and offered to meet with Ukrainian, French and German leaders.

Orban told reporters that he had spoken with Putin and that he had “the will” to “declare an immediate ceasefire.” He added that he had invited them to come to Budapest to hold talks with the leaders of Ukraine, France and Germany. “He said yes, but with conditions,” he added.

After congratulating him on his fourth consecutive victory in Sunday’s assembly election, Orban promised that the Russian head of state would take the initiative.

Hungary will not participate in sanctions against Russia

Hungary, a member of the European Union and NATO, has condemned the invasion of Moscow, but has not named Putin since the start of the Russian military offensive.

“We are confident that we will not send arms to Ukraine. We will not pressurize Russia to extend sanctions on oil and gas,” he said.

When asked about the Ukrainian city of Botswana in the northwest of Kiev, where dozens of bodies were found last week, he was isolated from the waves of Western condemnation.

“Of all the atrocities, I think they should all be taken care of. We live in an era of massive manipulation,” he said, calling for “free and fair reconsideration” and for the protection of the public “at all costs”. .

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