Govt – Omigran: Despite citizens’ woes, Shanghai will tighten its health policy again

The most populous city in China is already in the grip of many criticisms, enforcing the most severe imprisonment to honor the “0 Govt” policy.

Shanghai has given itself up to Wednesday to prevent the spread of the corona virus out of isolated areas, two sources familiar with the matter say, boating to the Chinese city, increasing population, easing prisons and the start of a return. For normal life.

To achieve this goal, authorities need to speed up their trial campaign and shift the positive COVID-19 cases to isolated centers, according to a speech dated Saturday and seen by Reuters. Shortly after that goal was reached, other cities, such as Shenzhen, reopened public transport and allowed businesses to return to work.

320,000 pollutants since the beginning of March

Shanghai has become the epicenter of the largest corona virus outbreak in China since the virus was first identified in Wuhan in 2019, with more than 320,000 infections since the beginning of March. Shanghai residents have expressed their anger on social media against local authorities over food supply difficulties, loss of income caused by imprisonment, the consequences of segregation between families and deteriorating conditions found in isolated centers.

These tensions led to sporadic street protests and clashes with police.

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