Govt-19 Live: “Nothing can stop a person from going to the polls,” says Gabriel Attle, albeit positively.

Victims can vote

“Nothing can stop a person from going to the polls,” said Gabriel Attle, when asked about the possibility of the victim going to the polls and voting in the presidential election. ” Victims can vote “We recommend that they wear a mask,” a government spokesman said.

How to vote despite Govt-19?

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal has announced that the rules regarding the voting process for the upcoming presidential election will be announced in the coming hours.

Can Omigran cause infections twice in a few weeks?

Many biologists in the field claim to have resumed with two “cousins” from the Omigron lineage, BA.1 and BA.2. A few cases, or a common occurrence? Our encryption.

Remove restrictions too quickly?

Ever since the re-emergence of the Covit-19 cases the question has been: Is the easing of proceedings established too quickly? Yes, France Blue interviewed Nice’s epidemiologist Véronique Mondain. He sees the beginning of the sixth wave in the Alps-Maritime, where the incidence has increased by 25% in one week.

However, according to the samples of the Institute Pastor and most epidemiologists, the increase in these cases should be relatively small and relatively few should be admitted to the hospital, the trend that has begun continues.

Vaccines to target Omigran? Not before “autumn”

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach on Tuesday estimated that vaccines would not be available in the EU “until the fall” in line with the Omicron variant. Meanwhile, he recommends a booster (fourth dose) for people over 60 within the European Union.

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