Georgia’s separatist region will hold a referendum on its integration with Russia

In August 2008, Russia invaded Georgia, and its government fought pro-Russian militants in South Ossetia.

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The announcement came on the 79th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Officials in the pro-Russian Georgian separatist region of South Ossetia announced on Friday May 13 that they would hold a referendum on July 17 on its integration with Russia.

South Ossetia was the epicenter of the 2008 Russo-Georgia war, which was followed by the Kremlin recognizing its independence and setting up military bases there in another Georgian part of Abkhazia.

The separatist Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Lukansk, whose independence has been recognized by Moscow, have already expressed their interest in integrating with Russia.

Georgian authorities have already described the past“Unacceptable” South Ossetia plans to hold a referendum on joining the Russian Federation.

In August 2008, Russia invaded Georgia, after its government bombed Georgian villages and fought pro-Russian militants in the region.

Five days later, the fighting ended with the EU establishing a ceasefire, but more than 700 people were killed and tens of thousands of Georgians displaced.

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