Fresh blasts in Kargi; Three killed in Crimea bridge blast

US ammunition for Ukraine is reaching its limits

According to U.S. officials and experts, the U.S. military will soon be unable to supply Ukraine with the advanced equipment it has provided so far, as Ukraine’s stockpiles, especially in terms of ammunition, have reached their limits.

US stocks of some equipment “Achieve minimum standards required for planning and training”and could be taken to fill the pre-Russian invasion of Ukraine positions ” for many years “selon Mark Cancian, du Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

Old equipment is available and “They will represent an increasingly important part of transfers.” In the future, this former colonel of the Marine Corps, who was in charge of the Pentagon’s arms procurement from 2008 to 2015, was included in the latest memo.

Since the February 24 invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the United States has been the largest arms supplier to Ukraine, providing more than $16.8 billion in military aid to Kyiv.

“We Learn Lessons” Ammunition requirements of the US military in a conflict between great powers, they are “Much better” A US serviceman agreed to the forecasts on condition of anonymity.

In the 1990s, when the United States sought to reap the benefits of peace after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S. defense industry, forced to cut production sharply, focused heavily on mitigating the shock.

The number of defense and aeronautical construction groups declined from 51 to 5 in a few years. Today, the U.S. government must convince industry to reopen abandoned assembly lines and resume production, such as the Stinger anti-aircraft missiles that stopped production in 2020.

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