French people living abroad and those who have registered with the embassy election list can vote online for the first round from this afternoon.

Three weeks before the first round of the Assembly elections, more than 75% of voting intentions were split between the presidential majority under the Together banner (Renaissance, MoDem and Horizons: 28%, margin of error plus or minus 1.1 points), the new popular, environmental and community union (Knobs). – La France Inzumais (LFI), Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV), Socialist Party (PS) and French Communist Party (PCF), 27% on the same margin of error – and National Rally (RN, 21%, plus or minus 1 The margin of error of the point). Candidates Reconquête! If we add the votes stamped as, Eric Zemmor’s party (6%, margin of error plus or minus 0.6 points) will collect, and then the far – right coalition will represent about 27% of the voting intentions.

As a reminder, on the evening of the first round of the presidential election, 27.8% of the French population voted for Emmanuel Macron, 23.1% for Marine Le Pen and 21.9% for Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon. The sustainability of this political triad is the main subject of the Eleventh Wave of our election survey conducted in collaboration with the Ipsos-Chopra Steria, the Center for Scientific Poe Political Research (Chevybov) and the Jean-Jaros Foundation. The worldOur journalist Abel Maestro writes.

The strength of our panel is its range because the model used is 11,247 people. Voting intentions are calculated from the respondents “Make sure you express your intention to vote”, Or 6,285 people. Conclusion: The margin of error is very small (between 0.2 point and 1.1 point). The survey was conducted from May 16 to 19, after the election coalition of the government’s left parties ended and Elizabeth Borne was appointed prime minister, but not before the government’s announcement.

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