Finland Suspects ‘State Actor’ Behind Nord Stream Spills, Sweden Opens Investigation into ‘Gross Sabotage’

According to The New York Times, Europeans are facing the threat of hybrid warfare

Europeans have yet to identify the cause of the explosion that hit the gas pipeline, but many leaders believe it was unlikely to be an accident. The New York Times. The newspaper has been reminding us for years “Military experts warn of danger of so-called hybrid warfare”That is, where democratic processes are undermined, normal life is disrupted and chaos and uncertainty are sown. “These leaks are a reminder of how exposed critical systems can be to external attacks” Also writes DailyWho mentions it, “No coincidence, according to Danish and Polish leaders” : The explosions were discovered when the Baltic Pipeline opened, a new gas pipeline connecting Norway to Poland and passing through Denmark.

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“This episode marks the end of the Nord Stream projects, which have strengthened Europe’s dependence on Russian gas”Notes for its part The Washington Post. “Nobody on the European side thinks this is anything other than Russian sabotage.”A European official quoted daily declares: Only “Russia had the motivation, the equipment and the capability” to do Some see it as a message to NATO and Russian capabilities, while others see it as a threat to non-Russian energy infrastructure or vital internet data cable networks at the bottom of the oceans.

Interviewed by Tobias Federico, Managing Director of Energy Brainpool, a consultancy. Wall Street Journalsays: “This incident raises fears that all critical infrastructure in Europe is at risk, from oil and gas pipelines in the North Sea to the power cables connecting mainland Europe, Scandinavia and the UK to internet cables. This is evidence of a very powerful threat capability. »

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CNN is interested in its share of information Spiegel : “Over the summer, the United States warned several European allies, including Germany, that the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines could be threatened or attacked. » The warnings were based on assessments made by US intelligence, but were vague and did not specify who might be behind the attack or when it might occur.

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