Favorite Liz Truss wins her first debate

Rishi Sunak was slightly aggressive, the parting was flawless and the suit cut well. Liz Truss, less stiff and more confident than usual, wore a royal blue dress in the colors of the Conservative Party. During the first debate organized between the two candidates to replace Boris Johnson at 10 Downing Street, Monday, July 25, on the BBC, there was an hour-long confrontation between the former president and the British foreign minister.

From the beginning of the campaign, in mid-July, in the crisis of purchasing power, Mr. Exchanges were upbeat as Sunak continued to focus on fighting inflation (now over 9% in the UK) as a priority. ), Liz Truss pushes her agenda “brave”With massive tax cuts “From Day One”. The deplorable state of the National Health Service and Brexit are not mentioned.

Rishi Sunak is trailing in the polls

In front of an audience of a few dozen citizens who voted Conservative in the 2016 general elections, the two politicians clashed in a performance hall in Stoke-on-Trent, a city in the Midlands known for voting heavily in favor of Brexit during the 2016 referendum. 2019. In fact, from August 1 to September 2, 160,000 members of the party were directly informed and voted to decide between them. The name of the new British Prime Minister will be announced on September 5.

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Rishi Sunak, 42, has lost none. Branding himself as a moderate, he accused “Treachery” By Mr Johnson’s relatives (He resigned on July 5. hastened the Prime Minister’s downfall), the former Chancellor of the Exchequer has trailed in the polls. According to a Youkov poll published on July 21, 62% of party members voted for favorite Lis Truss, while 38% said they would choose Mr Sunak. Despite his verbal fluency, this son of Indian immigrants who made a fortune in finance failed to turn the tide on Monday night. According to a poll conducted by Opinium after the debate, 39% of those questioned (Conservative voters or not) found Liz Truss too convincing, with 38% preferring her colleague.

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In the form, Mme Truss, 47, gave a less robotic performance than usual, barring foul play. She seemed calmer than the occasional interrupter. Mr. Johnson’s foreign secretary has certainly had a rough start to the campaign – he narrowly climbed into the top two – but his position on the right of the party is starting to pay off.

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