Emmanuel Macron spoke with Lula, wanting to “relaunch a strategic partnership”.

What is there to know?

Emmanuel Macron was able to speak with Luiz Inacio Lula. He called his future Brazilian counterpart on Monday, October 31 to congratulate him after his narrow victory in the presidential election. “This is great news for us.”Emmanuel Macron specifically announced according to the video extract of this conversation Posted on his Twitter account. “I have waited with great patience for this moment so that we can resume a strategic partnership that lives up to our history and the challenges that lie ahead of us”, the French president explained. This live stream has now ended.

Lula’s victory was celebrated around the world. World leaders unanimously congratulated Brazil’s new president on Monday. said the European diplomatic chief to himself “impatient” To work with his government. It is the same story with the Chinese president The British Prime Minister revealed this desire of “work” With Lula. President of Russia Vladimir Putin A For his part, he says he wants to co-create with him “Constructive Collaboration”, according to the Kremlin. His US counterpart, Joe Biden, welcomed Sunday’s election “Free, fair and reliable”.

Norway will resume its cooperation with Brazil in the Amazon. Oslo froze its financial aid under the leadership of Jair Bolsonaro. Lula “Conservation of the Amazon Rainforest and Protection of the Amazon Indigenous Peoples”, Norway’s Environment Minister Espen Barth Eide said on Monday.

In Sao Paulo, Lula’s supporters let their jubilation spill over into the streets. LSupporters met Share with franceinfo A big relief, but confirmation of how difficult the task will be for the new head of state. Others sang: “It’s time for Jair to go”.

Jair Bolsonaro has yet to speak. The far-right outgoing president remained silent after his defeat (49.1%). Many of his key allies, such as former justice minister Sergio Moro, conceded defeat. On Monday, after a meeting with his father, Flavio Bolsonaro thanked the ousted president’s supporters. “Who gave their sweat for the country and gave Bolsonaro the biggest vote of his life”. “Don’t abandon our Brazil!”He started on Twitter.

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