Eight people were injured during the demonstration in Baghdad

An Iraqi holds a Koran during a protest outside the Swedish embassy in Baghdad on January 23, 2023. Ahmed Al Roubai/AFP

Several hundred Iraqis refused to accept the gesture of Dane Rasmus Balutan this Monday, January 23.

A policeman and seven demonstrators were injured during a demonstration against the Swedish embassy in Baghdad on Monday, January 23.Koran burning in StockholmLearned from a safe source.

Overflow near the embassy

«400 to 500 peopleAn interior ministry official said on condition of anonymity when he tried to walk away from the Scandinavian country’s embassy and try to advance towards the building.

As the police pushed them back, a clash broke out. “Protesters threw stones and police used batonsSeven demonstrators and one policeman were injured, he added. The demonstrators then dispersed, an AFP photographer at the scene said.

“No to Sweden, Yes to the Koran”

The rally was organized by pro-Iran groups that are very active in Muslim-majority Iraq. Through the sloganNo to Sweden, yes to the Koran“, protesters asked to voice, two days after Swedish-Danish right-wing extremist Rasmus Palud burned a copy of the Koran in Stockholm. He intended to denounce Sweden negotiates with Turkey in NATO.

The Swedish police previously held that the constitution and freedom of demonstration and expression in Sweden did not justify banning the demonstration in the name of public order. The recognition of this anti-Islamic demonstration sparked a diplomatic row with Turkey and many Muslim countries expressed their anger.

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“To many, burning sacred books is an act of deep disrespect. It’s disgusting” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters. Triggers an action “provocation”The manager suggested that Will “Deliberately to influence Sweden and Finland in ongoing discussions on joining NATO” and D’“weak” Transatlantic solidarity.

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