Earth seems to be warming faster than expected

The Earth’s climate is warming. No doubt anymore. But it seems even more difficult to specify the actual rate at which this warming is occurring. Or even more so, the speed at which global warming is producing its effects. Researchers are now reporting an event that indicates that our planet is reacting to climate change faster than they thought.

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The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) confirms the trend of global warming in its first annual global climate report, covering only the first nine months of 2021. For the first time in the last twenty years, the bar has crossed the 1 degree Celsius mark compared to the industry pre-average. But above all the report highlights the many extreme weather events that occurred in 2021 and their effects on the planet and humanity. © World Meteorological Organization

Around the world, researchers are monitoring the progress Climate. They compile all kinds of events Anatomy, Chemistry and Biology Anthropology Try to predict the changes in the environment of global warming as accurately as possible. Today, surprise, Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) reveals itSouthern Hemispherethey Winter storms Have intensified.

Surprise? Yes, because Climate models Predicted it. But at the end of this century. However, the results published by the researchers show that the intensification Storms – Southern Hemisphere, but not yetNorthern Hemisphere – It has already reached the level predicted by scientists in the last decades … in 2080!

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“A winter storm is a weather event that lasts only a few days. Separately, not every storm carries much of its own climate.Rei Chemke, researcher, recalled in an Weissman Institute of Science Press Release. But the overall effect of these storms, on the other hand, is significant. They affect the exchange HeatMoisture and The amount of movement In the air. What affects different climatic zones Terre. Without winter storms that transmit heat from the tropics to the poles, the Arctic side temperature For example, it is about 30 degrees Celsius lower than them.

Climate models need to be adjusted

The work of researchers at the Weissman Institute of Science confirms this – like Global warming – This phenomenon, which has intensified winter storms in the Southern Hemisphere over the past 20 years, cannot be explained by internal fluctuations in the Earth’s climate system. The main culprit of human activity.

Why not see the climate models coming? “For example, changes in temperature, rainfall, sea ice and summer storms are all accurately simulated by models.Ray Chemke explains. But there we found a parameter that needed to adjust the sensitivity of the samples. Because this intensity of storms is the result of changes Atmospheric jet streams. Current climate models cannot predict the details of these changes. However, a bias that needs to be corrected now. To provide more accurate predictions for the future.

Meanwhile, this work directly warns of the fact that human activities could have a greater impact than researchers thought, especially in the southern hemisphere. They give a clear picture of the expected damage that climate change will cause in the region. It calls for immediate and rapid action to combat and reverse global warming.

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