Dissident journalist Ovsyannikova fled Russia and escaped house arrest

This journalist burst into Russian TV news with a sign criticizing the military offensive in Ukraine.

Russian journalist Marina OvsyannikovaUnder house arrest for denouncing Russian aggression in Ukraine, she left Russia with her daughter, her lawyer told AFP on Monday (17 October).

«Ovsiannikova fled Russia with her daughter hours after leaving the apartment where she was under house arrest.“The mother and daughter are in Europe,” said Dmitry Zhakvadov, two weeks after a wanted notice was issued against him by Russian authorities, saying he had fled.

“Spreading Misinformation”

Indicted in AugustSpreading false informationAbout the Russian military – a crime punishable by 10 years in prison – was placed under house arrest by a Moscow court and banned from using any means of communication. In mid-March, days after the attacks in Ukraine, Marina Ovsyannikova interrupted the evening news of the main Russian channel Pervy Canal, where she worked as a journalist for almost 20 years.

She waved a sign in full live calling for an end to the fighting and for the Russians.Don’t believe the hype“. For this gesture, he was briefly arrested and fined. He later left the country to work for the German media outlet Die Welt.

In July, she returned to Russia, trying to keep her two minor children, who her ex-husband, still living in Russia, tried to take from her. Despite the risks, he continued to criticize power and attack from Moscow before he was rearrested and charged.Spreading false informationon the army.

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