Discover Hegra, Petra’s twin sister and the jewel of Saudi Arabia

Report – Saudi Arabia’s showcase, the oasis of Al-Ula is gearing up for unprecedented tourism development. At the center of this western-looking valley, the Nabatean city of Hegra celebrates twenty years of exploration by Franco-Saudi archaeology.

This article was taken History of Picaro “Russia, Curse of Empire”. Find out in this magazine A special file to understand the historical sources of the war in Ukraine.

“Russia, Curse of the Empire” History of Le Picaro

In Gold Dust, Land Rover Vintage Like a flock without a shepherd, it marches among the sandstones scattered across the horizon. This landmass was the bottom of an ocean that still appears to be there. The sun-colored lunar landscape was eroded, thinned, and eaten away by water 500 million years ago. As the tide receded, the cement was blindly carving human figures and fantastical silhouettes into the sand. Above a gigantic rock mushroom, hollowed at its base, a falcon writhes, suspended in the blue air. This desert cicerone observes the audience. As the car moves forward, the rock seems to spin. Suddenly, the bird falls down. As if he had activated some invisible mechanism, a spectacular ancient facade with architecture would appear…

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